The Story of Misty

On my 21st birthday I was gifted Misty, a lovingly restored 1960’s bike by my bike mad boyfriend. I say he’s bike mad but well lets be honest I think it’s rubbing off on me too, this is my 4th bike in the last 8 months or so. Now I would like to point out this is only due to my first bike being stolen (sob it still breaks my heart just a bit) while it was not as beautiful as Misty it sure had speed on its side. I was then lent a green machine, as over the summer I NEEDED a bike as it was my mode of transport be it spitting, drizzling or chucking it down. As that was only a temporary fix I was graciously given a silver shaft driven number, no chain + hub gears = HEAVY, whilst this didn’t bother me too much I then went to Belgium to see a friend. That is where I fell in love, so many bikes of all colours, shapes and sizes. I decided I had to have one. So after all the hints, lustful stares and blatant comments here I am with Misty, this is where I have to tip my hat to Jamie (the other bike mad one) keeping this hidden from me must have been bloody hard. I am queen of finding out and guessing presents, now while I had suspicions about a bike I was never 100% sure and I never found it. So its safe to say I’m over the moon with Misty.

Now many of you maybe think wow Lucy that’s real nice you like your bike but do you have to dedicate a blog to it? Well whilst in Belgium I went to the design museum in Geht where they had the most awesome exhibition called “Bike to the Future” and that’s where I learnt about the cycle chic blogging community. This got me thinking, it made sense, make cycling less about the exercise and more about the style means it reaches to the masses and becomes more popular. So that’s what Misty and I aim to achieve to show you that cycling can be chic, relaxing, in some cases has the ability to cut down your journey time and also has the added bonus of being healthy.

14672885_1224376040918168_1604971849_o     It’s not about how fast you go its about how you feel doing it.


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