The First Ride

The first ride with Misty was not one of great significance, merely a trip to and from uni. As a student of the Heriot Watt Edinburgh campus I get to deal with the joy that is the Union canal. While it is a beautiful cycle it can get a bit hairy in places as the path is less than 1m wide and gets pretty busy at “rush hour”. This combined with the constant light mist the whole way to uni made for a good morning wake up call. So I arrived with plenty of time, to lock misty up, albeit slightly damp. Whilst it would have been nice to arrive dry via the bus I’m glad I didn’t. As on my cycle home I was treated to Edinburgh’s brief dose of daily sunshine and was able to enjoy the lovely autumnal colours. However on this lovely ride home Misty had a slight malfunction… the front brake managed to become loose and hence the quiet tranquil cycle was disrupted with a clanking noise. Luckily I have my repair kit at home so it is easily fixed (note to self compact repair kit is no use to you if not with you at time). So that concludes Misty and my first outing. For those wondering what to wear on such a polar weather day (lets face it that’s most days in Scotland) I wore, a long sleeved white cotton top, black workout leggings, a black waterproof softshell jacket, a big warm scarf (my neck always gets cold) and gloves because the temperature seems to have dropped about 10 degrees. Oh and also not forgetting my helmet, very important! Unfortunately I got too caught up on my ride home and lets face it I didn’t want to stop in the rain there, so didn’t take many photos so will try harder next time.


Misty looking majestic by a bridge.


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