Time for Some Style


Up until now I’ve been cycling with various types of bags, usually backpacks which unfortunately leaves an attractive sweat patch on your back after any considerable distance. So I’ve wanted to buy a pannier (not to be confused with paneer, an Indian cheese) but on my other bikes I have never had a pannier rack. UNTIL NOW! Misty complete with pannier rack was ready and I was on the hunt for the perfect bag. Which believe me is harder than I first thought. The main trouble? I had a definite list of things I didn’t want; something that was too boxy (as I had to carry it around in uni), any vinyl material (I just don’t like the feeling) and flowery prints (I’m just not that in to them and wanted the bag to fit with any outfit). So after a wee while hunting I came across cycle chic, a UK website selling chic things for the bike and cyclist. That’s when I found it, the bag I had been looking for. Simple, no fuss and just my style. So I ordered the Linus Sac Bike Pannier bag, it was hard to choose what colour to pick! But I went for the black bottom as it would go with most outfits and mud wouldn’t be as noticeable, I also LOVED the look of the coral so erm maybe watch this space…

So I thought I would do a quick review on my cycle chic experience and the Linus bag. Overall experience of cycle chic was great! The online experience was simple and I even scored a 10% discount (it comes up in a bubble in the bottom right of the page). Delivery would have been faster had I not missed the postman twice… I liked the packaging that it came in too (check my Instagram for a photo of it).


Now for the bag, it is by no means a perfect fit to my need’s but it comes pretty close. First bag bug bare; its not as big as I need it, folded down capacity is 13.5 L and fully open is 18L. Let’s face it I live in Scotland it rains and so I wont be having it open too often. So this will teach me in the future to check the dimensions more carefully but even if I had I would have still bought it. It now just means I have to pack a bit more carefully for uni, it still holds an A4 note book but is a struggle to fit a few of those, work clothes and snacks. A plus point is that it fits on pretty easily onto the rack and even comes with a little padlock should you need to leave it on (it would deter theft but probably has the safety scoring of one of those locks you had on a diary as a kid). The bag its self is made of sturdy stuff and the quality seems pretty good it even comes with an attachable strap for when its off the bike! As for its chance to stand up to the rain well only time will tell. We have been having a few unseasonably non-rainy days so the water test has not been done. The only thing that worries me is that it doesn’t have a zip only a magnet so hence me wanting it folded to not allow water in. Soggy books equal’s not a happy Lucy. Overall its a pretty good product and if I want to fit more stuff on my bike I could just buy a second although at a price tag of £50 they don’t come cheap. Is it worth that? Debatable, it does seem a bit steep but then again I would spend that on a handbag so… I will leave a link down bellow in case it’s tickled your fancy. If your just looking for something stylish to carry a few books then this could be the bag for you but if you like to take the kitchen sink on your commute then keep cycling.


Misty and me on our cycle back from uni with Jamie. Next accessory to change, a new helmet…

I hope this was helpful! Here’s a link to the bag Cycle Chic


4 Replies to “Time for Some Style”

  1. Hi Lucy
    I’ve just found your blog and Instagram account. Lovely pics and I’m looking forwad to hearing more about your adventures with Misty! I’m a huge fan of Dutch cycling and I’m saving up for a Gazelle e-bike (I’m getting old and fancy a wee electric boost!). I used to live in Edinburgh and walked the Union canal often so it’s nice to see pics of my old home town too!


    1. Hi Margaret Anne,
      I love that you are enjoying my blog and looking forward to hearing more! The support really means alot 🙂 Dutch cycling is such an amazing way to ride, it really is a lifestyle. I hope you get your dream Gazelle soon. Edinburgh is just as beautiful as always.
      Thank you again for the support,
      Lucy & Misty


    1. Thank you for the links Rebecca the bags look brilliant and there are so many other pretty things too! So far so good with the rain test but it was only a light drizzle. I’m still waiting to get caught in a downpour!


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