Sunday Morning Therapy


Who doesn’t love a Sunday Morning? (Well apart from those who have to work). I feel the older I get the more I appreciate what I can do on a Sunday! Just by getting up that little bit earlier than you would normally on a Sunday gives you so much more free time. This Sunday I woke up in dire need of a way to blow away the cobwebs. You know that feeling when everything has got just a little too much? You feel like you can’t stop and take a breath? Well those are the times you need it the most. So this Sunday I took a step back, had a deep breath and went on a Sunday morning therapy cycle. It was just what I needed, a chance to get out and enjoy the place I live in. A chance to appreciate the little things in life really puts in perspective the things that are going on in yours.


Stunt man Jamie, being brave in October wearing shorts…

So for my Sunday morning cruse Jamie and I went for a cycle along the Water of Leith to Stockbridge to enjoy a nice Breakfast. One of the main reasons I absolutely LOVE being out before 10am on a Sunday morning? You feel like you own the city, everyone is still in their places of residence enjoying a lazy Sunday morning and you get to roam the streets with a few other early birds. The second is that you actually feel like you’ve achieved something with your Sunday, yes you get to be one of those smug people on Monday telling everyone about your fun filled weekend! But in all seriousness Sunday mornings, THEEEEERE GREAT (imagine this said in the voice of the tiger’s from the frosties advert). The water of Lieth must be one of my favorite walks/cycles in Edinburgh. It’s just like being in a completely different place, my personal favorite section is Deans Village its absolutely beautiful! The soothing sounds of the water really help to clear your head too. Once at Stockbridge we went on to Cafe Florentine where I had a toasted bagel and scrambled eggs with avocado and we took away an almond croissant to share… Before getting back on our bikes we had a meander around the Stockbridge market that pops up every Sunday. It’s a really great place to pick up some amazing street food, think anything from noodles to paella, and  there are stalls with the most beautiful jewelry. Once Jamie had torn me away from the rings we headed home, this time we did the last bit on the road as it was starting to rain. The hill coming out of Deans Village really got my legs burning, but it is defiantly a cycle I would recommend.


Misty looking casual next to some ivy in Deans Village.

Once home I felt like a rejuvenated person, I had given myself the chance to breathe and so I was ready to tackle the rest of the day. If only everyday could be a Sunday. Also the almond croissant didn’t make it home, it was demolished after Stockbridge market. So I challenge you next Sunday to have some bike therapy and enjoy the place you live in!


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