Catch-up Time

blog4Unfortunately, the rush to the end of Semester has taken its toll, stress levels are high, time is short and so the blog has been neglected. So it’s time for a quick catch-up. After the last Sunday cycle, Misty and I have been out a few times but we had a wee mishap on the cycle to Uni the other day.Maybe it was the start of the cold weather or she just wasn’t feeling it that day but she lost a couple of screws along the way… (cobble stones are not our friends) So since then she has been sitting patiently waiting on some new bolts and nuts, as well riding without them would involve wobbly wheels.

In other news I got to go through to Glasgow on Sunday. Jamie took me on a surprise trip to the River Bank Museum and then we were lucky enough to go and see some exciting action at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome!

The River Bank Museum was brilliant as it had loads of different types of bikes from through the ages. I even saw a couple that kinda looked like Misty! The museum focuses on transport and how it has shaped Glasgow. It’s pretty interactive and so can keep you entertained for hours. We were meant to bring the bikes through, however as Misty is out of action this was not possible but cycling round Glasgow would be totally possible.


Awesome ring of bikes at the Riverbank Museum. 

From there Jamie and I went on to the UCI World Cup Track Cycling at the Velodrome. It’s really amazing to watch as the walls on the track are super steep (don’t think Misty and I would manage it). While the atmosphere was pretty good, I can only imagine what it’s like when there are super intense races on!


Imagine if they did the velodrome on a tandem! (another photo from the Riverbank Museum)

Apart from that things have been pretty quiet. After today’s bus journey into Uni I can’t wait to get Misty fixed and back on the road! Also an FYI if you ever attend a Velodrome event, those places are really warm so wear light layers!


If you aren’t that into museums I would still recommend this one as it’s got great views of the river Clyde! 




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