Don’t Forget About YOU.

zoeyandmisty1So this has been a while, life got in the way AGAIN and now it’s 2017. Let me be honest with you I lost my drive and inspiration in December. I had a few ideas in November about posts I wanted to put up and then December rolled around and none of it happened. But do you know what? That’s OK because we are all human. So I got thinking about WHY I had this dip in enthusiasm. True, I like many others, struggle at this time of year because of the lack of light. This combined with the stress of exams, reduced exercise and a combination of other things resulted in a less productive Lucy. So now’s for the new year, new me thing right? Well, actually I’d been doing it right before. Making my journeys by bike had previously made me happier and more productive, just under all the stress I had let it slide. By “letting it slide” it meant that I had stopped putting the most important thing first, my health.

zoeyandmisty2So why does cycling make me happier? Well after watching a documentary about how various people view happiness, the reason clicked. Flow. During the documentary they spoke about this thing called flow. Flow is what someone experiences when they take part in an activity and they are completely consumed by it. By being so focused on something it means you can’t think about anything else. So in a sense, it’s a form of meditation, your mind is focused on one thing and not racing through what you need to get done. This is what cycling is to me. Sure you can go on auto pilot when you cycle but you always have to stay alert so that you stay safe. This means that thoughts can flit in and out of your mind but you’re not focused on them, you merely acknowledge. So it’s flow along with fresh air, sunlight (the little of it we have at this time of year) and a dose of endorphins that is what makes me (personally) happier.


So in a bid to start this year of right and finally look after myself. I’ve decided to challenge myself, every week I must make 5 journeys by bike. Sounds doable right? Well  I would love for you to join me. We all want the best life we can have right? And whether that means being fitter or happier or being more environmentally minded, getting outside and on your bike will help you achieve that. Why not try and take a friend along with you, because let’s face it we all need some motivation at times. I’ve recently got one of my good friends, Margie, back on a bike and going on cycle adventures together can be a whole lot more fun! Check out her blog for her cycling progress updates too!

Let’s be a little bit selfish and put ourselves first for the best reason. Our health, be that mental or physical, both are equally important. 



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