So All You Do Is Cycle Right?

hair_editedSeveral friends have asked/ stated “all this cycling must keep you so fit right?”. To be honest with you, yeah it does keep me healthy but I no longer see my commute as exercise. So when people look perplexed that I do other sports, it just makes me laugh a little bit. To me life is all about balance, and just like the food you eat the exercise you do needs to be varied. If I don’t do this I get easily bored by one thing and move on to the next. So for me to have a happy lifestyle I need and crave variation, it’s just in my nature. So what does my “fitness lifestyle” include?


Well, it used to be all about the gym but recently I’ve found myself getting bored of it. In truth, I’m a competitive and social person so like doing sports with other people. Due to this I’ve found myself getting back into squash, I love the intensity of this sport because if you’re not in the zone or flow of it you lose, plain and simple.


I’m also a major water baby, I just love the feeling of being in the water. So I absolutely love surfing and stand-up paddle boarding, these activities just remind me how to be in tune with the ocean. Recently I’ve been getting back into swimming because it improves my breathing so much. To me swimming is a complete other ball game in fitness it always leaves me knackered. I also have to hold my hands up and admit that sometimes I race people in the pool without them knowing and by sometimes I mean most times. Is that bad of me? Does anyone else do this too?


Now I’m not always a hyperactive person and I do enjoy my downtime and this includes downtime exercise. My favourite is yoga, yoga for strength, yoga for flexibility and yoga for the mind. However, the thing with yoga is that I always enjoy it when I do it but I always make up reasons not to do it. Does anyone else find this or is it just me? I know (like most people) that stretching stops injury but unless I’m actually injured or at the bare minimum achy then I simply forget.

I’m always on the look out to try new activities so please leave your favourite activities in the comments! Now I hope you’re all having a great week and that you take the jump and try a new activity 🙂

(Thank you to Margie for some of the wonderful photos!)


2 Replies to “So All You Do Is Cycle Right?”

  1. I never feel as good as when I’m out riding my bike, but I complement cycling with Pilates 3x a week for strength. I’m on the opposite side of the spectrum, I don’t go to the gym because I don’t like exercising where others can see me, so I follow Cassey Ho’s routines (blogilates on YT) at home. I usually do my own mix of the videos depending on what I want to work on a given day, but they’re fun and help me stay active when I’m not riding 🙂


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