When the Best of Plans Fail

So I’ve been pretty inactive recently and the main reason? An intensive few months of uni deadlines and exams. So to give me something to look forward to during those dire months I decided to plan a trip to the land of good beer and chocolate (yes Belgium). From there I would meet up with my friend Ellen (she’s just brilliant) and we would go on a 400 km cycle trip passing through Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium. Of course, I wanted to do this on misty so I booked my train tickets from Edinburgh to Belgium. Sounds like a good plan huh? Fast forward to 2 weeks before the trip and disaster strikes, I fell down a step, yes a step, pathetic I know but my ankle became a drama queen and tripled in size.Despite putting ice on it and elevating it, there was no way I was going to be able to do the trip. To be honest it’s actually still a bit swollen and bruised. So after coming to terms with this we changed plans, I would still go to Belgium but we would play it by ear.

Part of Antwerp University isn’t it beautiful?


So now to the present day, I am 4 days into my week trip to Belgium and having a great time. The first couple of days we stayed in Antwerp and cycled around the city taking in some of the sites I hadn’t seen last time.

But the past couple of days the weather has been splitting the trees so an adventure had to be on the cards!

Bikes all ready for an adventure

The first adventure was from Antwerp to Kalmthoutse Heide, a national park bordering the Netherlands, a nice 50km round trip passing through peaceful countryside and beautiful towns. Well, that was once we eventually found our way out of Antwerp, as amazing as Ellen is navigating the urban jungle that is a city is not her strong point. But once on our way it was pretty clean sailing.

How can a bike trip not be fun with such company?!

Kalmthoutse Heide its self reminded us of a very flat Scotland but none the less it was beautiful and a great way to escape the built up areas that cover most of Belgium. As for getting slightly lost on the way there its all part of the adventure and we made it back in one piece! Once back in Antwerp we had to end the cycle trip the only way we saw fit, with cake and ice tea of course!

About to enjoy our well-deserved cake and coffee labs in Antwerp (would highly recommend)

The master plan didn’t materialise but do you know what? Plans are made to be changed.

It’s a long road to walk without the bikes

One Reply to “When the Best of Plans Fail”

  1. Fantastic piece! A real shame about your ankle but great that you had the flexibility to be able to change your plans and still get some cycling in. X


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