Making Priorities

It seems like I start almost every post with it’s been a while or time has got away from me or life has got in the way or similar. Each time I promise myself I will do better next time and yet each time I happen to fail again. So this time I have decided to step back and ask myself, why is this? Because let’s face it we all have at least one thing that we all say we will do more, yet lapse every time.  So the excuse I use time and time again seems to be, well time. With working full time, still having some sort of a social life and trying to keep yourself sane, adulting is difficult and I can see why various things slide. But I don’t want that to be my excuse, I have as many hours as Queen B. I just have to be more efficient. I just have to create priorities.


Be more like Wookie just go for it!


To help me do this I’ve started using a bullet journal, yes I did see them on Pinterest and Instagram and think ooo those look very pretty and that may have been a reason why I started one. However, in reality mine really isn’t that pretty but it does do the job so maybe over time I will get a bit more creative with it. The reason I’m telling you this is because in this bullet journal I’m going to start making priorities for the month. One of these priorities is blogging more. To help me and motivate me I have also enrolled in a free WordPress course for the next 14 days. So I’m fully determined to make this stick because I actually like blogging when I do it but for some reason I always let it slide.

Now if you’re still reading you may be thinking (if not a little sarcastically) Wow Lucy great for you I’m so glad you’ve enlightened me with all these new details of your motivation. The reason I’m telling you this is not to tell you I’m going to be like Queen B but maybe to help motivate you do try do that thing you keep meaning to do more. So if its blogging go blog, if it’s to read more go read or even if it’s to cycle dust off that saddle go cycle! Just go do something that you want to do, give yourself that couple of hours a week to do the thing you want to do more. You won’t regret it, you only regret what you don’t do.

Heres to making it stick.

Shame I couldn’t get Misty out here but this place really is a beauty! – Glen Affric

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